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Beijing shousu new material polyphenylene oxide has been successfully developed

recently, it was learned from Beijing shousu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. that the company signed a cooperation agreement with Ruicheng branch of China Bluestar chemical industry group now tuanxing New Material Co., Ltd., and the two sides will jointly promote the industrialization of domestic polyphenylene oxide (PPO) as an indispensable part of electronic universal testing machine, synthetic resin and modified PPO engineering plastics. It is reported that star new material company has successfully produced PPO resin with stable quality on its 10000 ton annual PPO monomer synthesis and PPO synthetic resin industrialization device, while shousu new material company has successfully developed modified polyphenylene oxide (MPPO) series new materials used in electronic information, automobile and other fields with PPO resin. It is reported that the industrialization of domestic PPO resin will end the long-term monopoly of foreign companies on the Chinese market and further promote the rapid development of domestic high-tech industries such as electronic information, automobile, national defense and military industry. This is of great significance for reducing the price of PPO resin and realizing the stable supply of PPO resin. It is understood that the new generation of special MPPO materials developed by shousu company not only have the characteristics of good whiteness, strong light resistance, strong ink adhesion, good temperature resistance and good dimensional stability, but also have obvious advantages in cost compared with the existing pc/abs alloy and imported MPPO special materials, which has taken the first step towards the stable market of domestic MPPO engineering plastics

since the 1960s, international famous enterprises such as GE in the United States and Asahi Kasei in Japan have researched and developed PPO resin and MPPO engineering plastics, which have been widely used in many fields due to their outstanding performance characteristics. However, due to the source and price constraints of synthetic PPO resin, many enterprises at home and abroad can only carry out small-scale R & D and production. The consumption and growth rate of fixed markets at home and abroad are far lower than the other four types of general engineering plastics, and PPO engineering plastics used in cutting-edge fields are even more restricted. For more than 10 years, reducing the price of PPO resin and realizing the stable supply of PPO resin have become the common expectation of the domestic modified engineering plastics industry and end users

according to Luo Daoyou, chairman and general manager of shousu company, domestic PPO has several injection grade and extrusion grade resins with different viscosity specifications. Through comparative experiments with similar products of foreign multinational companies, domestic PPO resin not only has low price and stable processing performance, but also the modified MPPO engineering plastic has the characteristics of high year-on-year strength and high thermal deformation temperature. It has a wide application prospect in high temperature resistant conductive trays, TV dy components, electrical connectors, wiring boards, auto parts, instrumentation products, etc, Thus ending the long-term monopoly of foreign countries in this field

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