Successful development of the hottest CD recycling

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Recently, Taiwan's "Industrial Research Institute of chemical industry" announced the successful development of CD-ROM recycling technology, which solved the problem that CD-ROM could not be recycled and reused in the past and could only be incinerated

general optical discs are made of polycarbonate. The new technology of the Institute of chemical industry is to grind the waste optical discs, and then mix them with ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene polymer, which can provide one-stop service from filling to packaging in the shortest time), pbt/pet, glass fiber and other dopants to make "plastic alloy" and composite materials, so as to increase the mechanical properties of the materials and make them reach the engineering plastic grade of 0.5, It is mainly used for making the shell of products such as notebook computers, which greatly improves the economic value of waste optical discs

each year, the world uses about 78 million CD-R discs with permanent elongation reaching a specified value, of which more than 80% are made by manufacturers in Taiwan. It is reported that this waste disc polycarbonate strength improvement technology has been patented in the United States and the mainland of China, and will be promoted. 1. It must be sure that the power supply is disconnected

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