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Well here we are again for another ramble down Memory Lane, but before that it was interesting to read that a company is seeking investors to build a huge new film and television studio in Borehamwood. If it comes to reality it will occupy about 70 acres and be the largest in the UK. The plan is to site it next to the already approved massive Sky Elstree Studios and just yards from the site of the old MGM Studios.

Back in 1948 the Hollywood star Spencer Tracy travelled to Borehamwood to make the first MGM film at their newly reopened studio. It was called Edward My Son but alas Spencer was miscast and the film flopped. His co-star Deborah Kerr once told me she enjoyed making the movie with him but felt it could have been better.

Spencer had started his film career in the early 1930s and by 1941 was earning $5The U.S. may soon have a vaccine surplus. Here,000 a week. By 1942 he was due to meet the person who would become his constant unofficial companion for the rest of his life. Her name was Katie HepburnThe world junior men. When I was being shown around the MGM Studios in Los Angeles by an old veteran he pointed to some steps leading into the restaurant. He told me: “This is where Katie and Spence bumped into each other for the first timeRonald Reagan. RELATED: Met Office issues Bank Holiday Monday severe weather warning for wind in London

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